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The first half of the book of Daniel is an inspiring character study. Daniel was chosen by God to be tested by many profound trials, and to live a life of service and humility in a foreign land. The second half of Daniel is the foundation of much of Biblical prophecy, and it presents the evident themes of the antichrist, the Tribulation, the end of the world, and the Millenial Kingdom. Some not-so-evident prophetic themes may also be present in the book of Daniel, including the Nephilim, and even UFOs. My goal with each lesson in this in-depth study of Daniel is to forthrightly present what I believe the Scriptures are trying to tell us.
Lesson Number Subject Date Topics
Lesson 87 Daniel 7:13-14 01/14/18 With the antichrist finished and his kingdom slain, Daniel's attention returns to the heavenly scene where Jesus receives His coronation as the eternal King of kings. It's the first time in the Bible that "son of man" is used to describe him, and a distinction between He and God the Father emerges here to support the doctrine of the Trinity. A four point outline of the quality and character of the kingdom of Jesus Christ is given as Daniel's vision concludes.
Lesson 86 Daniel 7:11-12 01/07/18 Daniel's vision is redirected from heaven back to the fourth beast on earth as a result of the little horn's boastful and audacious words. Despite the dominating successes of the final Gentile empire, it's "no contest" with the Ancient of Days, and this era of human history on earth quickly concludes. Parallel passages in Revelation give additional insight on the nature of the antichrist's demise and the end of his empire.
Lesson 85 Daniel 7:10 12/10/17 Daniel continues to narrate his observations of heaven's throne room, even as the fourth beast of his vision seems invincible on earth. Three more elements are noted which underscore that God will be the final judge of what is taking place. What is clear from this verse is God's justice is permanent, purposeful, perfect, and impartial. It is possible that Daniel is given a "near and far" perspective in this amazing vision of God's plans for depraved humanity.
Special Lesson 04 Daniel, Israel and 70 Years 12/03/17 A informal Q&A session was the agenda of this class. A review of the significance of the number 70 concerning Israel and the Jewish people was given special attention, particularly in light of Israel's 70th Anniversary as a nation.
Lesson 84 Daniel 7:9-10 11/26/17 In light of this passage's possible implications to our own times and beyond, a special emphasis is given to the importance of Biblical prophecy. A review of three sound principles of Biblical hermeneutics is provided, and the need for responsible interpretation of God's Word is underscored. An overview of the diverse opinions concerning this passage in Daniel is contrasted against those conclusions which result from careful exegesis.

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Unquestionably, the Bible remains the final say in all matters of our present and future lives. It's therefore easy to subscribe to the safe and predictable ideas concerning God's Word. But sometimes the most accurate positions are the ones that emerge when we choose to step out from behind the rigid constraints of stained glass views. That means we may need to wrestle with uncomfortable themes. When I write an article, I use that exercise to process issues that God has laid on my heart. I may spend many weeks on it as I carefully consider its content. I trust these articles will inspire you, provoke you, and compel you to study the Bible with a fresh perspective.
Title Creation Date Background
The Threat From Within 01/09/18 As Christians, we tend - I believe - to focus on the threats to our faith and to our Bible-based values which come from the world-at-large, a place outside our community of believers. That's understandable, but it's not entirely correct. We're directed to be aware of the threats to our faith and to our values from within our ranks too. There are common adversaries in both places. This article is a review of a very real danger that both Paul and Jesus warned us about.
Knowing Fear 12/29/17 It's flirting with disaster to take one's eternal standing casually. I've come to the conclusion that many "Christians" are not truly saved, and I believe the Bible has something to say which confirms my assumption. This brief article was a hard look in the mirror for me, and as I carefully forged each phrase of it I was challenged to take stock of why I believe the things I say I do. Perhaps it will help others to reflect on critical issues which are so important in these "days of deception." I hope so!
Giving Glory To God 12/21/17 A busy life is not necessarily a good one. It may pursue responsibilities and goals that are noble by man's standards, but that's no guarantee they are consistent with the ideals of God's Word. In fact, a busy life often anesthetizes us against the expressions of a proper eternal perspective, and I'm as guilty of that as many others are. Consequently, this is a vulnerable article - and while it is brief, I trust it is "good medicine" for tired souls.

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