About Steve Schmutzer

Steve Schmutzer grew up in South Africa and Swaziland as a missionary kid. By the age of 15, he’d been charged by elephants, treed by a rhino, stung by a swarm of bees, spit on by a cobra, and attacked by a monkey.

Returning to the states didn’t seem to help matters. By 21 he’d also been bitten by a black widow spider and stung by a Portuguese Man o’ War jellyfish. Thankful to be alive, Steve now lives on 35 acres of rugged hills and canyons in remote northern Colorado where he tiptoes around the rattlesnakes and gives a wide berth to the cougars and bobcats.

A former Critical Care RN, Steve has since discovered himself as an entrepreneur. He has built and sold two companies, and is the Founder of Firefly Medical, Inc. He is well-regarded as a speaker on startups.

In 2008, Steve Schmutzer inherited the Adult Sunday School class his Pastor had taught. Steve still recalls the feeling that he had big shoes to fill. He continues to teach that same class today, and he's grateful it has grown so well. On most Sundays, the Gym is nearly full, and attendees of all ages regularly come from other churches too.

Steve's passion for Biblical prophecy was ignited when he first read Epicenter, a book by Joel Rosenberg. Since then, Steve has studied and taught the prophetic Scriptures extensively, and he has written multiple articles on prophetic themes which have been published.

After 34 years of marriage, Steve remains madly in love with his beautiful wife, Laura. They have two amazing children, Savannah and Caleb.
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