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Unquestionably, the Bible remains the final say in all matters of our present and future lives. It's therefore easy to subscribe to the safe and predictable ideas concerning God's Word. But sometimes the most accurate positions are the ones that emerge when we choose to step out from behind the rigid constraints of stained glass views. That means we may need to wrestle with uncomfortable themes. When I write an article, I use that exercise to process issues that God has laid on my heart. I may spend many weeks on it as I carefully consider its content. I trust these articles will inspire you, provoke you, and compel you to study the Bible with a fresh perspective.
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The Threat From Within 01/09/18 As Christians, we tend - I believe - to focus on the threats to our faith and to our Bible-based values which come from the world-at-large, a place outside our community of believers. That's understandable, but it's not entirely correct. We're directed to be aware of the threats to our faith and to our values from within our ranks too. There are common adversaries in both places. This article is a review of a very real danger that both Paul and Jesus warned us about.
Knowing Fear 12/29/17 It's flirting with disaster to take one's eternal standing casually. I've come to the conclusion that many "Christians" are not truly saved, and I believe the Bible has something to say which confirms my assumption. This brief article was a hard look in the mirror for me, and as I carefully forged each phrase of it I was challenged to take stock of why I believe the things I say I do. Perhaps it will help others to reflect on critical issues which are so important in these "days of deception." I hope so!
Giving Glory To God 12/21/17 A busy life is not necessarily a good one. It may pursue responsibilities and goals that are noble by man's standards, but that's no guarantee they are consistent with the ideals of God's Word. In fact, a busy life often anesthetizes us against the expressions of a proper eternal perspective, and I'm as guilty of that as many others are. Consequently, this is a vulnerable article - and while it is brief, I trust it is "good medicine" for tired souls.
The Basics Of Apostasy 12/18/17 There are various terms we toss around in Christian circles that are seldom understood as they need to be. "Apostasy" is one of those. This article provides a brief primer on the concept of apostasy, and it pays particular attention to how it's used in the Scriptures. The application of apostasy for the church today is a sobering one, for we may be more off-course than we are tempted to believe.
A Crisis Of Truth 12/15/17 Blatant deception in our culture seems to be our "new norm." Folks are getting away with saying and doing things that a few years ago would have been inconceivable. We know the root cause to all these lies is mans' sinful condition, but things are going to get much worse. The prophetic Scriptures outline a series of events that systematically unfold in The Tribulation which show that mankind will stoop to levels of deceit that we can hardly imagine - even by today's standards. But God has the final say, and there is an end to all this corruption.
A Most Unwelcome Leader 09/21/17 It was startling to me to discern the similarities between the attacks against Daniel as he rose in the leadership of the new Medo-Persian empire, and the attackes on our President today. There are so many ways in which the two circumstances, separated by thousands of years, are alike. In some reflection on the matter, I realized the heart of man has not changed - nor have God's ways. There are some very important takeaways to learn here, and this article seeks to bring those elements to the surface.
Will Israel Go Extinct? Part 2 08/25/17 A key to grasping the answer to this title's question is understanding God's plan with regards to the worldwide re-gathering of the Jews. The Bible has some very specific things to say about this. If one accepts these things at face value, then they guide conclusions accordingly. The bottom line is there is no way - at least according to the Scriptures - that Israel's national welfare will be severely threatened until a time of God's design. That time is not now, and this article builds on Part 1 to make that point clear.
Will Israel Go Extinct? Part 1 08/25/17 From political circles to the average person on the street, and from those behind the pulpit to those within the pews, there is a great deal of misperception about Israel these days. This is particularly the case as threats against this tiny Mideast nation mount. Whenever God's Word fails to factor in to the discussion as it ought to, Israel becomes a target. This article is the first of a two-part article that lays out a proper Biblical view of Israel's existence today.
Global Warming 06/20/17 In my life and in my social circles, I run into many people that are rabid about "global warming." They believe anything they hear that supports it. The problem is, they are not accounting for the fuller picture and all the information. Christians too, fall prey to this, and I feel they are just as misled. It's time to look at the facts and to ponder them against the prophetic Scriptures. I think God may have something to say in all the climate change debate too....
Superheroes And Superheresies 05/30/17 I get asked from time to time, "What do you really think the mark of the beast is going to be?" I think most people have not thought much about this matter and the implications of the Scriptures that discuss it. This article seeks to tie together several key passages about the mark of the beast that say much more together than they do individually. I chose an approach that was partly a personal story, partly an assessment of our times, but mostly a frank look at the clear message of the Word of God.
The Man For Such A Time As This 05/01/17 I've been troubled to see the double standards of so many people as our country has transitioned from President Obama to President Trump. I've concluded it's an outward display of an inward problem, and the chaos surrounding current politics is little more than a dress rehearsal for much darker times ahead. This article was one of the hardest I've ever authored, but the exercise helped me process what I'm seeing and feeling.
A Matter Of Choice 07/22/16 I'm not sure I know of anyone that has had an easy life. Most of us have endured much more than we care to share. So it was no easy task for me to lay bare in this article a time in my life when it seemed all the adversities and challenges had coalesced into "my perfect storm." It was a very vulnerable point, and I am grateful God brought me through it. It gave me a better understanding of a future moment in time when it will be too late for many.
Getting Israel Right 05/14/16 I am dismayed at the heresies which have invaded the church concerning Israel. It seems to me that relatively few church leaders even bother to read the portions of the Bible which plainly affirm God's continued devotion to the Jews. A specific event in my own life underscored the nature of this problem, and it provided the basis of this article.
Prophetic Malnutrition 03/19/16 It's not unusual for me to hear from Christian leaders within the church that prophetic themes are not important. I feel they are wrong, and I believe the facts of Scripture bear this out. Many congregations suffer because they have not sufficiently emphasized these doctrines which provided a strong foundation to the early church. This article was my attempt to summarize this dilemma.
Kings And Prophets 02/20/16 It's easy to read the Bible and miss important principles in it that are just as true for us today as they were for the people at that time. This is particularly the case with the historical narratives of the Old Testament. I've contemplated the issue of how God deals with a nation as its religious and political leaders change and perform their responsibilities - or not. Christian leaders today must fulfill the role God expects them to. This article is a frank assessment of the conditions our nation faces politically and spiritually.
Did God Create Evil? 05/12/14 There are theological matters which fiercely tax the heart and painfully stretch the mind. I know a number of people who have stepped off the narrow path, never to return to it, over issues that required a deeper and more mature faith to accept. The article here reviews one such matter. I felt the responsibility to write it as others were seeking me out concerning its tough questions.
Chick-fil-A vs Culture 08/01/12 I wrote this short article when it seemed our entire nation, from top to bottom, had suddenly turned on Chik-Fil-A with bared teeth. They weren't hungry; they were mad. All Chik-Fil-A had done was stand up for Christian values, and that earned them the very worst sort of criticisms. I had to respond - at least a little. In the process, it helped me sort through some thoughts I had about our culture, including the one in our churches.
Pray For Rain 07/16/12 This brief article is written more in a "devotional style:" pithy and punchy. A casual comment from a family member prompted me to wonder whether or not God still levies out rain (or withholds it) in judgment in our time(?). If I had to guess, I'd say "yes." I think he still uses rain to get our attention, and the Scriptures may suggest that. As brief as this little article is, it is significant for the points it makes. You can draw your own opinion.
Why Should We Study The Tribulation? 07/14/12 There are many times I have felt a certain fear as I teach my class each Sunday. The responsibility of properly handling God's Word weighs heavy on me - as I believe it should for anyone in a similar position. Yet, I encounter people who glibly write off entire portions, doctrines, themes, and even books of the Bible as "unimportant." At best, this is ignorance - at worst, it is pure arrogance. I've noticed that this irresponsible posture shows up more around prophetic issues, and this article tackles the great danger of falling into these views.
Moses 12/11/10 This was one of the very first articles I ever wrote, and it started me on the journey of writing many more. In the process of reading the Bible through, I had carefully studied the life of Moses. I was impressed with his failures just as much as I was with his successes, and it moved me when God finally took him to his eternal home. I had to find words to deal with what God was teaching my own heart in that moment, and this article was the direct product of that.
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