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The first half of the book of Daniel is an inspiring character study. Daniel was chosen by God to be tested by many profound trials, and to live a life of service and humility in a foreign land. The second half of Daniel is the foundation of much of Biblical prophecy, and it presents the evident themes of the antichrist, the Tribulation, the end of the world, and the Millenial Kingdom. Some not-so-evident prophetic themes may also be present in the book of Daniel, including the Nephilim, and even UFOs. My goal with each lesson in this in-depth study of Daniel is to forthrightly present what I believe the Scriptures are trying to tell us.
Lesson Number Subject Date Topics
Lesson 87 Daniel 7:13-14 01/14/18 With the antichrist finished and his kingdom slain, Daniel's attention returns to the heavenly scene where Jesus receives His coronation as the eternal King of kings. It's the first time in the Bible that "son of man" is used to describe him, and a distinction between He and God the Father emerges here to support the doctrine of the Trinity. A four point outline of the quality and character of the kingdom of Jesus Christ is given as Daniel's vision concludes.
Lesson 86 Daniel 7:11-12 01/07/18 Daniel's vision is redirected from heaven back to the fourth beast on earth as a result of the little horn's boastful and audacious words. Despite the dominating successes of the final Gentile empire, it's "no contest" with the Ancient of Days, and this era of human history on earth quickly concludes. Parallel passages in Revelation give additional insight on the nature of the antichrist's demise and the end of his empire.
Lesson 85 Daniel 7:10 12/10/17 Daniel continues to narrate his observations of heaven's throne room, even as the fourth beast of his vision seems invincible on earth. Three more elements are noted which underscore that God will be the final judge of what is taking place. What is clear from this verse is God's justice is permanent, purposeful, perfect, and impartial. It is possible that Daniel is given a "near and far" perspective in this amazing vision of God's plans for depraved humanity.
Special Lesson 04 Daniel, Israel and 70 Years 12/03/17 A informal Q&A session was the agenda of this class. A review of the significance of the number 70 concerning Israel and the Jewish people was given special attention, particularly in light of Israel's 70th Anniversary as a nation.
Lesson 84 Daniel 7:9-10 11/26/17 In light of this passage's possible implications to our own times and beyond, a special emphasis is given to the importance of Biblical prophecy. A review of three sound principles of Biblical hermeneutics is provided, and the need for responsible interpretation of God's Word is underscored. An overview of the diverse opinions concerning this passage in Daniel is contrasted against those conclusions which result from careful exegesis.
Lesson 83 Daniel 7:9-10 11/19/17 Just who is the "Ancient of Days" in this passage, and how is the doctrine of the Trinity supported here when compared against other "Ancient of Days" passages? More details of heaven's throne room are explored, and specific attention is given to the fiery throne and the blazing wheels. The fiery throne theme appears in multiple other Scriptures, but the wheels are a more enigmatic issue. Is it possible that both Daniel and Ezekiel saw the same thing: flying craft for the angelic order?
Lesson 82 Daniel 7:9-10 11/12/17 A parenthetical portion of Chapter 7 emerges as Daniel's vision suddenly shifts to a heavenly perspective. Even as he sees the future rise of the final antichrist, Daniel also observes the preparations for judgment which are underway in the courts of heaven. These heavenly elements underscore the importance of the prophetic Scriptures, for they show a fuller picture of Jesus Christ, underscoring the truth that "....the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." (Rev. 19:10).
Lesson 81 Daniel 7:8 11/05/17 This pivotal passage of Daniel begins to lay out some "obvious" descriptors of the future and final antichrist. Some "less obvious" insights about this figure also emerge from this verse. While we can be fairly sure of some qualities about the antichrist from this passage, other matters also worth consideration are more veiled. But when all these are assessed against the larger commentary of Scripture, a nontraditional picture of the antichrist becomes worthy of discussion.
Lesson 80 Daniel 7:7-8 10/22/17 A careful study into the nature of Daniel's fourth beast requires we not overlook the phrase which is repeated, " was different from all the former beasts." While the prior three beasts are historical to us, the greater Scriptural context portrays this fourth one as future to our time, even "eschatological" in its greater nature. Efforts to associate this fourth beast with PAST Rome are more problematic than efforts to associate it with FUTURE Rome and the time just prior to Christ's Second Advent.
Lesson 79 Daniel 7:6-7 10/15/17 The third of these four beasts is studied and is determined to represent the empire of Greece. Supplementary Biblical texts are reviewed which support this conclusion, and historical facts are assessed which may explain some of the figurative language. An introduction to the fourth beast is given and comparisons are provided to the fourth layer of Nebuchadnezzar's statue in Daniel chapter 4.
Lesson 78 Daniel 7:4-5 10/08/17 The first and second of these fearsome beasts are studied, and they are respectively determined to be the Babylonian and Medo-Persian empires. Careful assessment of the attributes and descriptions of each beast are reviewed against the records of Scripture and history, and specific discussion is given to the "man versus kingdom" question of the first beast.
Lesson 77 Daniel 7:1-3 10/01/17 The 7th chapter of Daniel goes back in time to a point when Daniel seemed forgotten by men, but he was entirely remembered by God. Even as the empire of Babylon begins to fade, God gives Daniel a detailed look into the future. In Daniel's vision, supernatural forces stir up the world of men, generating four great empires which are pictured as four terrible beasts.
Lesson 76 Daniel 7 09/24/17 In this opening intro to the prophetic second half of Daniel, an outline for approaching Chapters 7-12 is laid out. It begins with the overall Panorama, and delves into the Purpose and Promise of this amazing portion of Scripture. The need to have a proper view of Israel is discussed, for as John MacArthur says, "If you get Israel right, you get your eschatology right."
Lesson 75 Daniel 6:23-28 09/17/17 King Darius pulls Daniel out of the lion's den, throws his accusers in, and lifts God up to his entire empire in this climactic closure to the historical half of the book of Daniel. The key lesson is Daniel's faithful life accomplished a great deal for the kingdom of God, and each of us face the same challenge to live as righteously as Daniel did.
Lesson 74 Daniel 6:18-22 09/10/17 The king has a restless night in his palace while Daniel is at peace in the lion's den. The king is overjoyed to find Daniel alive the next morning, and Daniel emphasizes four important things to Darius as he speaks to the king from the bottom of the pit.
Lesson 72 Daniel 6:10-15 08/27/17 What the king knew, what the administrators and governors knew, and what Daniel knew all plays out in the perfect choreography of God's plan. It looks really grim for Daniel, but God is positioning the entire trap that is laid against Daniel to serve His sovereign plan.
Lesson 71 Daniel 6:4-9 08/20/17 A deceptive and carefully-choreographed plan to destroy Daniel becomes the sole ambition of the jealous governors of King Darius. A five-point outline details their plans, and it presents startling parallels to dynamics within our world today.
Lesson 70 Daniel 6:4-9 08/13/17 Daniel's faithfulness and trustworthiness earn him the favor of King Darius, but others are less pleased with Daniel's early success. This disgruntled group commits itself to the goal of bringing Daniel down.
Lesson 69 Daniel 6:1-3 08/06/17 Chapter 6 of Daniel is the last of the "narrative" chapters in Daniel. Daniel begins to serve a new king in the Medo-Persian empire, and his experience and faithfulness establish him as "God's favored man" once more.
Special Lesson 03 Spiritual Affairs 07/30/17 The judgment of believers is really a time of honor according to the Scriptures. This lesson covers the five types of crowns believers might earn, and what is required to gain each one.
Special Lesson 02 Spiritual Affairs 07/23/17 The Bible teaches that every believer will face "the judgment seat of Christ." This lesson reviews that event and how it differs from the judgment every nonbeliever will face.
Lesson 68 Daniel 5:25-31 07/16/17 Daniel interprets the writing for King Belshazzar and reveals the purpose, problem, and prediction behind it.
Lesson 67 Daniel 5:22-24 07/02/17 Daniel tells the king why God’s patience with him has come to an end.
Lesson 66 Daniel 5:22-24 06/25/17 Daniel gives King Belshazzar a history lesson about King Nebuchadnezzar.
Lesson 65 Daniel 5:17-21 06/18/17 Babylon hits crisis mode and God reinserts Daniel back into active service.
Lesson 64 Daniel 5:17-21 06/11/17 Daniel is brought to King Belshazzar, and the king acts condescendingly.
Lesson 63 Daniel 5:13-16 06/04/17 The queen enters and challenges the king, and compels him to call Daniel.
Lesson 62 Daniel 5:9-12 05/21/17 Babylon is ending, and God’s miraculously interrupts king Belshazzar’s party.
Lesson 61 Daniel 5:5-8 05/14/17 There is a new king, but the same Daniel serves faithfully behind the scenes.
Lesson 60 Daniel 5:1-4 05/07/17 The case behind why the king arrived at a proper faith in the One True God.
Lesson 59 Daniel 4:34-37 04/30/17 The king comes to proper faith in God and experiences eight key changes.
Lesson 58 Daniel 4:34-37 04/23/17 Daniel leads the empire of Babylon as king Nebuchadnezzar goes insane.
Lesson 57 Daniel 4:33 04/09/17 The terrible fate of the king takes place precisely as Daniel said it would.
Lesson 56 Daniel 4:31-32 04/02/17 The prophecy of the king’s dream is fulfilled in the king’s own words.
Lesson 55 Daniel 4:28-30 03/26/17 Daniel explains the meaning of the dream and its parts and its purpose.
Lesson 54 Daniel 4:20-27 02/26/17 Daniel models tact and wisdom as he weighs the meaning of the king’s dream.
Lesson 53 Daniel 4:19 02/19/17 The angel in the dream describes the sovereignty, say, and strategy of God.
Lesson 52 Daniel 4:17-18 02/12/17 The certain fate of the king is described by the angel in the king’s dream.
Lesson 51 Daniel 4:15-16 02/05/17 The king describes the angel in his dream which said some terrifying things.
Lesson 50 Daniel 4:13-15 01/29/17 The kings describes the details of his dream which he shared with Daniel.
Lesson 49 Daniel 4:10-12 01/22/17 The king says how he sought out Daniel because he needed Godly counsel.
Lesson 48 Daniel 4:9 01/15/17 King Nebuchadnezzar publicly shares how God spoke to him in a dream.
Lesson 47 Daniel 4:6-8 01/08/17 King Nebuchadnezzar begins to tell the story of how God got his attention.
Lesson 46 Daniel 4:4-5 12/11/16 King Nebuchadnezzar says God is mighty, eternal, and His kingdom never ends.
Lesson 45 Daniel 4:3 12/04/16 King Nebuchadnezzar tells the purpose of sharing his very-public testimony.
Lesson 44 Daniel 4:2 11/27/16 In a public decree, King Nebuchadnezzar begins to tell his personal testimony.
Lesson 43 Daniel 4:1 11/13/16 How a proper faith results in persecution, preservation, and promotion.
Lesson 42 Daniel 4:28-30 11/06/16 The king learns a series of valuable lessons from the fiery furnace event.
Lesson 41 Daniel 3:19-27 10/23/16 Daniel’s three friends display confidence, conviction, and commitment.
Lesson 40 Daniel 3:16-18 10/09/16 The king reacts angrily to the shifty tactics of his proud pagan advisors.
Lesson 39 Daniel 3:13-18 09/25/16 The underhanded motives of the pagan advisors are discussed in detail.
Lesson 38 Daniel 3:9-12 09/18/16 Daniel’s three friends are caught by the pride of the king’s pagan advisors.
Lesson 37 Daniel 3:7-8 09/11/16 Three unique lists are described with the great golden statue’s coronation.
Lesson 36 Daniel 3:2-6 08/28/16 King Nebuchadnezzar’s pride is on display as he builds a great golden statue.
Lesson 35 Daniel 3:1-3 08/07/16 Daniel’s quality character shows as he tells the king the dream’s meaning.
Lesson 34 Daniel 2:45-49 07/31/16 Daniel describes “Where?” and “How?” regarding the Millenial Kingdom.
Lesson 33 Daniel 2:44-45 07/24/16 Daniel addresses “What?” concerning the nature of the Millenial Kingdom.
Lesson 32 Daniel 2:44-45 07/10/16 Daniel answers “When?” and “Who?” about the Millenial Kingdom.
Lesson 31 Daniel 2:44-45 07/03/16 How this passage in Daniel applies to the powerful delusion that is coming.
Lesson 30 Daniel 2:43-44 06/26/16 How the Nephilim show up in the Bible, always striving against God’s plan.
Lesson 29 Daniel 2:43-44 06/19/16 The Nephilim start in Genesis, and go through Daniel and into Revelation.
Lesson 28 Daniel 2:43-44 06/12/16 This enigmatic passage of Daniel holds great relevance with today’s events.
Lesson 27 Daniel 2:43-44 06/05/16 A deep dive into prophetic Scriptures supports our “unearthly” conclusions.
Lesson 26 Daniel 2:43-44 05/29/16 Last lesson’s conclusions are found to be in harmony with the rest of Scripture.
Lesson 25 Daniel 2:43 05/22/16 Astonishing conclusions emerge if proper Biblical hermeneutics are followed.
Lesson 24 Daniel 2:43 05/01/16 Daniel speaks of a future final Gentile kingdom in the toes of clay and iron.
Lesson 23 Daniel 2:40-43 04/24/16 The iron legs theories are evaluated against a historical and Biblical context.
Lesson 22 Daniel 2:32-39 04/10/16 The statue’s legs of iron are discussed and two main theories are presented.
Lesson 21 Daniel 2:32 04/03/16 Daniel explains the Gentile kingdoms which follow Babylon, the head of gold.
Lesson 20 Daniel 2:31 03/20/16 Daniel discusses the meaning of the king's dream with him, and says Nebuchadnezzar is the "king of kings."
Lesson 19 Daniel 2:36-45 03/13/16 Daniel discloses the details of the king's dream to him, and says that God is seeking to speak to the king.
Lesson 18 Daniel 2:31-35 03/06/16 Daniel's explanation of the king's dream underscores the primary purpose of prophecy to reveal Jesus Christ.
Lesson 17 Daniel 2:27-30 02/28/16 Daniel explains the prophetic purpose of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream to him.
Lesson 16 Daniel 2:28-30 02/21/16 The tact and character of Daniel is on display as he prepares to declare the meaning of the king's dream.
Lesson 15 Daniel 2:24-30 02/14/16 Here are six elements that should be incorporated into every faithful and effective discipline of prayer.
Lesson 14 Daniel 2:19-23 02/07/16 Daniel's prayer life is exemplary, and it's marked by specific qualities we should all seek to emulate1.
Lesson 13 Daniel 2:17-23 01/31/16 Daniel's faithfulness is examined through the lens of his choices, his battles, his standards, and his time.
Lesson 12 Daniel 2:8-21 01/24/16 Daniel's test exposes the true nature of genuine friendships - what they are and what they are not.
Lesson 11 Daniel 2:8-21 01/17/16 Here are five ways God has prepared the circumstances to promote Daniel and to glorify His own name.
Lesson 10 Daniel 2:2-13 01/10/16 King Nebuchadnezzar and his pagan advisors are exposed for their lack of comprehending God's ways.
Special Lesson 01 World Affairs 01/03/16 Various world affairs are discussed that may hold some prophetic significance according to The Word Of God.
Lesson 09 Daniel 2:1 12/13/15 The basic nature and purpose of Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great metallic statue is explored.
Lesson 08 Daniel 1:8-21 11/29/15 A right view of God enables Daniel to act with relaxed confidence and ascend with reliable character.
Lesson 07 Daniel 1:8-21 11/22/15 A right view of God enables Daniel to argue his case respectfully to his superiors.
Lesson 06 Daniel 1:8-21 11/15/15 A right view of God enables Daniel to exercise compassion in the middle of his tough trial.
Lesson 05 Daniel 1:8-21 10/25/15 Daniel's example models five elements that are necessary when we face our toughest decisions.
Lesson 04 Daniel 1:8 10/11/15 Daniel resolves to implement three important principles that help to clarify the nature of his choices.
Lesson 03 Daniel 1:3-7 10/04/15 King Nebuchadnezzar tries to change the identity, education, and habits of Daniel and his friends.
Lesson 02 Daniel 1:1-2 09/27/15 God's sovereignty, surety, and security are on display within the historical context of Daniel.
Lesson 01 Daniel 1:1-2 09/20/15 This is a history of the book of Daniel and some relevent information about its main characters.
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